TSH Tech RO Membranes

TSH Tech RO Membranes

Generation of Industrial Reverse Osmosis Elements

TSH TECH  Industrial Reverse Osmosis Elements are the most reliable, consistent and highest quality in the industry. Our elements offer the best balance of flow and rejection, producing industry leading flow rates (around 20% higher) than competitive elements at similar pressures.

TSH TECH  Industrial Reverse Osmosis Elements Feature:

  • Longer lifetimes that can reduce operating cost for OEM’s/brand owners.
  • NSF safety certification and ability for NSF data transfer reducing certification costs.
  • Fully-automated manufacturing that ensures consistent and high quality elements.
  • Dry shipping for convenient handling and longer shelf-life.
  • High quality elements significantly reduce or eliminate element Quality Control (QC) costs.
  • Spiral-wound element with polyamide thin-film composite membrane.


TSH TECH 8040 RO Membranes Product Datasheets:


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