About Sutan Sinaro International

Sutan Sinaro International (SSI) was opening its door on 18th June 2017. It was created on the core principals of “Performance, Commitment & Trust” to grow among business community of innovations.

Mission & Vision statement

        We are committed to consistent pursuit of excellence dedicated to continually improving our business to provide our customers with products and services that fully satisfy the customer’s requirements.

        We are committed to meet and fulfil customer expectations in a precise and professional manner. We believe in the principle of “Quality Service” by paying close attention to our valued customer’s preferential needs and demands. Our professional team of employee’s possesses the expertise and clear cut understanding to evaluate and assess client requirements in any strategic area of necessity.

        According to our clients & customer objectives, we persevere in providing excellent customer service & feedback throughout the entire Supply Chain cycle.

        Our Mission aligns itself with our Vision, as we provide our clients top of the line customer services on par with the best industry standards and practices. Backed by high moral & integrity values, we continually abide by our word to follow through on our firm commitments without any compromises on the aspect of quality from start to finish. “Performance” is the foundation that is laid into each and every one of our business relationships; “Commitment” is the structure on which the pillars of our verbal & written agreements are built on; and “Trust” is the concrete evidence applied in our steadfastness to strengthen, implement & execute the desires of our clients.

Sutan Sinaro Internation (SSI) provides our customers with many different type of items and services.

  • To generate a high standard of commitment to our customers
  • To treat our clients, suppliers and employees with honesty and respec
  • To growth in both business and personal life
  • To provide a quality working environment with advanced technology that enhance all employees quality of life
  • To offer an unsurpassed level of service at the most competitive rates

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